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A Branch of the

Association of Woodturners of Great Britain

Competition 2016 a Natural Edge Bowl

                NOVICE WINNER                                      EXPERT WINNER                 

                 RON CLEMENTS                                       BRYAN WEARMOUTH

Competition 2017

      Novice winner Louise Biggs                   Expert winner Graham Slaughter

Competition 2018 an egg shaped box

Novice Winner Richard Marshall


Expert Winner Brian Partridge

Competition 2019

              A simple small plate                         A highly decorated plate

Novice Winner Nick Foss               Expert Winner Graham Slaughter


Competition 2021

           Novice – bowl with square top                      Expert - bowl  with decorated square side

            Winner - Barry Tucker-Vincent                                   Winner - Colin Plumb

Competition 2022

  Novice  -  Pot with bottom hollowing   Expert - Decorated Pot, bottom hollowed

  Winner Chris Ramsey                                Winner Barry Tucker- Vincent