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We thought it would be a good idea to encourage you all to send the odd picture of things you are up to at the moment. So send please me a picture with a few words and I will put it on our website

Colin Plumb tries his hand at a natural edge bowl and a strange animal.

Paul Howard suggested that you might like to make a lidded box like the one in the drawing.

Click here for PDF File

Brian Partridge tries his hand at a three cornered dish after seeing Andy Coates do it. You start with a square box mounted between opposite corners and move on from there. Turn gently and as fast as comfortable with very sharp tools.

Here are  photos of my latest efforts.  Rob Nairn


Paul Howard sends you drawing of a candlestick to tempt you to do a bit of spindle turning.

Click for PDF file

Colin Plumb has made an interesting pen and pencil holder with a natural edge top.

Brian Partridge has made a ladies pendant using a grot piece of wood and the off centre jig made from a kit supplied by Paul Howard

From Mick Brown

My latest offering  Lidded vase in Mahogany with tulipwood and Zebrano feature ring and Ash knob. 8” diameter 10”high  157  pieces


Nick Foss sent these pictures of his current activities.

An enlarged lighthouse, inspired by Alan’s demo.

A table light, split yew log, filled with resin, then routed flat and sanded to 2500 grit.

John Warner is now recovering from his health problems and sends these pictures

One or two items including an off centre figure an oak beer mug and two other pieces

This is a Capston for sailing barge Pudge in progress on the lathe

Bryan Wearmouth recent pictures

 At Harrogate last year I bought Simon Hope’s threading jig, hence most of the boxes I have been turning recently are threaded as in the Yew picture .

The camphor box (not threaded) has a lid from the core of the blank. The eucalyptus bowl was turned from a square blank that showed no outward signs of the cavity that was in the middle.


A bowl from Terry Harragan.
It is nice to see Bowl made in Cherry 230/150mm.  This shows some natural features. Some turners are inclined to only get plainer pieces when finding wood. Well done Terry.

From Tim Bell

 just finished this. I was looking through old Woodturner msgs and found this from 2010 Philip Greenwood. Plant stand. At the time I was too inexperienced to make it.
  Had some wood lying around ( actually I have a lot lying around) so why not?

The top and base are 6 yr oak , quite dry and nasty, the stem a lylandiia branch 2/3 yrs. Not very good for spindle work (prone to split)

Base 240 top 205 o/a high 600


Brian Turner shows us some of the things he has been making including the cones which can move up a hill on their own

Malcolm Moore.

 Not wood turning, but three things I have made out of wood I that was given to me by  next door who imports BMW motorbikes into this country for his business as a motorbike trainer and this is the wood they come packed in.

To start May off Brian Partridge completed the three cornered dish which was shown as a block of wood mounted on the lathe corner to corner in March. It was not easy to turn as the Holly was dry and required very sharp tools to cut particularly at the corners. It looked fine until the finishing oil was applied and then slight circular abrasions showed up, as you will see.

He then put this back on the lathe and using a scraper with very gentle cuts and three re  sharpenings he managed to achieve an acceptable final finish. It was the oil which showed up the errors. This may be due to putting too much pressure on the tool  this bruised the wood but did not show until applying finishing oil

Alan Arnold shows us what he made from the large lump of  Beech which he got from Shaun at his demonstration. It shows that it is not a good idea to chuck a piece of wood away just because it does not look to good.

Paul Howard has another interesting project for you to try. It is the hand rattle which has a number of pieces that you hope will fit together There is a link to two appropriate design drawings.

linked from HERE as a word document

Paul Howard has another project for you. It is a whistle which may look very simple but you need to follow the drawing carefully. Be sure to use a fine saw blade to cut the  bird’s mouth the shape of the body can be what you like.        

Click HERE to see pdf of drawing a fine tooth saw

to cut rd

Mick Brown has been at it again

Just a few bits during lockdown to keep me going.

Plywood vase 19inches tall 9inches Diameter

8 inch goblet made for local church

Trinket box

Peter Harding

 This is my first attempt at doing a Paul Howard ball I just put a lot of odd bits of wood together, squared it off then hoped for the best, I made the stand from a piece of scaffold pole Sitting on a wood base


Brian Partridge ended with a hole in the side of this pot made from an irregular piece of Yew. This means that once you have opened the hole the shavings all come out on their own. It also means that other turners can see what a mess the inside turning is. H 160mm

Terry Harragan  

Here is a picture  of a platter made in Elm it is 305mm in diameter and was a pleasure to make.

Brian Turner

Made these bowls after trying to make them several times!  Kept cutting them the wrong way. Succeeded eventually..
Now what to do next?

Mick Brown

Finished these two boxes today, just over 5 inches diameter and 6 inches tall
Made from  Iroko, beech, pine and one other unknown wood

Not exactly a pair but close enough for me


Colin Plumb has been at it again

First 2 photos are a bread platter up and under side made from a odd rough piece of yew

Third photo a small peanut bowl also from yew

Forth small bowl also yew

A bit of nice carpentry from
John Warner

Brian Partridge has just made the biggest pot in his life from Monkey Puzzle.

H 36cm D 27cm

There was a little fungus round part of the top, decoration? It had to be turned slowly as it was out of balance all the time. Chisels needed a number of sharpens and had to be used gently as the branches were very hard and the rest was softer. This caused bounce if much pressure was used.

Brian Turner says he is sending these to America, does this make him an international turner!?

Ronald Clements Has produced this beautiful looking plate. Well done.

Richard Marshall
I was given a small stump about two years or so ago by someone who did not know what the tree was, but thought it was a fruit tree and would have interesting grain. I had my doubts. I rough turned it and then wrapped it in newspaper and left it for a year or more. This year when turning it  weak and rotted bits and knots fell off and left holes, some of which I patched  with Milliput, which I found helped hold the remains together.  I nearly gave up on it several times but made something of it in the end.

Brian Wearmouth sends two more pictures. How did he make the horn?

Rob Nairn stops turning to spend time as a builder to work on his workshop


Bryan Wearmouth has produced another box to puzzle us???

How did he make it? We expect a full explanation at a club night.

I have made the picture big can you spot it.

Brian Turner has time on his hands so what does he make? Well of course it had to be a steam tractor.

Well done Brian.



Two more big pots from Brian Partridge (350 mm high)

January 2021


Tim Bell made this delightful project for Christmas

Brian Partridge made these two small boxes, one experimenting with plywood turned off centre one made using an unusual wood

           The same box reversed                                                            Wood from Ivy

Colin Plumb has been at it again

Tim bell

 My daughter asked for this Montessori set. I am quite pleased with the Yew ball.

Colin Plumb has been at it again with a vase made from Olive wood, Indonesian Ebony, Buminga and Blackwood

July 2021

Colin has been at it again with two nice bowls

September 2023