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May 2017
Simon lamb showed us all about turning on a pole lathe. He started with a piece of Ash branch and split it into several pieces with an axe. He then showed us how to do a rough shape with the axe and then got it very close to a round piece with a draw knife. Then it was put on the lathe which was an elasticated structure with a foot pedal. The final result was a shaped rod which was used to make a ball of cotton by hand. This was a very complete demonstration of what the Bodgers would do in the woodlands years ago.

June 2017
Roger Foden gave us a super evening this month. He showed us how to make one of his favourite pieces ‘an egg box’ . This may seem a simple project but it enable him to show a number of tools and ways to use them which many of our members were not familiar with. It is this sort of demonstration which helps us all, even the ‘experts’. Thank you Roger.

June Celebrity Day
We had a whole day with Les Thorne who gave us lots of tips and hints, showed us how a professional goes about turning, made us laugh and produced some really nice items.
We had a really great day.Thank you Les

July 2017
Jennie Starbuck gave us plenty to think about when she showed us a great variety of textures decorations and finishes and her display of items she brought were superb thank you so much Jennie.

September 2017
We had a great evening with Tic Challis who gave us the inside information about Pyrography and colouring. The planning of her presentation was great and enabled her to show us many aspects of Pyrography without boring us by trying to do a final picture. She showed us the basics of rendering and sent round a superb set of patterns on a sheet with explanations for each on the reverse.  She showed us some water colour pencils which she was able to vary and make  impressive colouring. She then followed on by showing how to spray colour through different masks to great effect. She also showed us her pyrography decoration on one of Paul Howards Owls. Well done Tic.

August 2017
Brian Partridge put together an evening of spindle turning. He started by showing how to make the basic cuts, planing, coves and beads. He also made a number of catches and showed how they occurred. He also showed how a catch can be much more aggressive if the tool is gripped hard and too much pressure is applies. The next step was to make a Shaker peg and show how a simple guide plate could make turning much faster. This was followed by a weed pot which was a simple thing to do but enable various shapes to be tried out. Then onto a Cabriole leg and finally a miniature goblet with captive ring.

October 2017

Paul Howard showed us how to make a delightful Ash box which incorporated some burr as decoration on the lid and at the join. I am sure that some of our members will have a go at this.  

December 2017
Simon Hope made an unusual Christmas decoration from a Banksia nut. This involved turning the outside until the fluffy bits had gone then inserting a disc of a wood which could be threaded with his special machine. He then made a top with a matching thread and inserted a little coloured flashing light which shoe through the holes when screwed together it worked as a switch for the light. This was then followed with a random off centred lower end. With the few minutes left he showed the basics of making an inverted turning which when the piece were reversed had a Christmas tree open space.  Whow!!!

February 2018
Our first demonstration of the year was given by our Chairman Alan Arnold. This was a first class evening when Alan showed us how to make a vase with some very detailed and unusual decoration at the top. He explained all the processes in great detail and although he used some very good special tools to do things easier and more quickly he also explained how it could be done without such tools. He made a complete item with all the details but explained that in order to get the project done within the time available he could not finish to a final acceptable state.  He also gave us a quick lesson in the use of texturing tools. Great evening many thanks Alan.

March 2018
Graham Slaughter showed us how to do some very attractive colouring this evening. He had prepared a number of blank bowls of the same size each one processed to the next stage of the colouring cycle. This enable him to show the process at each stage without having to wait for drying time. The final result was magnificent as were all the other finished pieces on show. A superb evening and well attended despite the original date being cancelled due to the snow.

April 2018
Andy Coates gave us a very interesting evening. He first showed us the process to apply raindrops to a turned item. He was not able to completed the process due to the time it takes for the drops to develop. Instead he showed us a plate recently made and completed, what a remarkable process. He then showed us how to make a three cornered dish from a cube of wood. This also was very impressive but he did warn us to keep our fingers out of the way whilst the lathe was turning!!!!! The way Andy explains his techniques I am sure gets his ideas over to our members very well. Thank you Andy

May 2018
This evening was a new venture. Paul Howard and Brian Partridge offered to get together and with two lathes and similar pieces of wood show us how each tackled the same basic shape. A number of differences came to light in the type of tools used, the way the tools were used and the final shape. As the evening progressed they both commented on what and why they did things their way.  Interesting.